Luxury Superyachts Design

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Luxury Superyachts Design

Designing a superyacht should be treated as one of the  extreme sports. You feel  same emotions and same stress.

Each project needs thousands decisions from most essential to less important. Each decision will be afterwards mercilessly verified by the laws of nature, technology, budget limitations and friendly bystanders' comments.

Superyacht – this is a sailing masterpiece of art and... engineering! - Beauty, style, luxury.

And all the modern technology inside, hydraulics, electronics , miles of cabling, piping,...

And, safety first!

People trust their lives on the ocean to a masterpiece called a superyacht.

Each superyacht is a result of hard work of a great teamwork of best qualified and skilled professionals, designers, stylists, installations engineers, electricians, joiners, sprayers.. The management of a project is an exceptional challenge.