Yacht Design

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Yacht Design

My Son, who created this website has put quite a challenge in front of me. I should write here something about professional yacht design...

I will put it like this:

I hold myself an exceptionally lucky guy, because doing what I love I am paid for that (sometimes).

Since I was a youngster (and that was quite a long time ago!) I have been doing only yacht designs, and I didn`t starve even a single day. This should undoubtedly be included into the Guiness Book of Records.

This profession is not a business activity, it is simply fun! Anyone, who wants to be reasonable, should go for another job.

Since nearly 30 years I try to ride a crazy horse of private business. I hope this understatement is precise enough.

There is something I can tell anyone. There is no greater fun and satisfaction, than to see with your own eyes something what was first created in your mind, in your dream. And then this dream, thanks to the efforts and professionalism of hundreds of people turns into reality , into a SUPERYACHT.. 

I think, this is the best moment here to thank all those fantastic people for bringing the dreams to reality.

I owe special thanks and gratitude to my exceptional Partner Hanna Glabska.Our Studio has been functioning until today only on her purposeful efforts for many years now.