Motor Yachts Design

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Motor Yachts Design

Many of my friends think that a power boat does not deserve to be called a „Yacht”. Many years ago this was also my way of thinking. The traces of this still are somewhere at the back of my head.

Asailing yacht, even when badly maintained and rusted, is still a „Yacht”.

Bumpered and rusted power boat is not a „Yacht” any more. Strange, isn't it?

A motor yacht simply must be designed with style and charm and has to be kept meticulous clean. Otherwise will not differ much from a pilot boat.

Designing a beautiful motor yacht with style is much more difficult, tha the same job in case of a sailing yacht.

Supposedly, that is the reason why all motor yachts look pretty much the same...

We have placed here also fast motor boats and patrol boats. Simply, I had no idea where to stick them!